Are readers, code breakers?

Reading is a complex “cognitive process” of decoding symbols in order to construct or derive meaning.
In essence, those of us who read, are primitive code breakers. I say primitive because the majority of us are not in the same league as “Alan Turing” who was a genius code breaker.

code breakers alan turing

However, we each read the same symbols and still manage to interpret the story in our own unique way. We formulate our own thoughts about the characters within the story.

I enjoy getting to know the protagonist of each story, enabling me to decide, do I like or dislike this character? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this character?  More importantly, does this character intrigue me and do I want to read more?

What do you think are the main building blocks to the development of creating an interesting character within a story? Let me know via Twitter or Facebook !

Photoperiodism – long nights, short days

“Photoperiodism refers to the physiological reactions of organisms to the length of day or night.”

book heartWell I can certainly relate to that. These short days and long nights which we always experience at this time of year in the Northern hemisphere are very conducive to my favourite pastime of reading (my physiological reaction).

Of course one of the dilemmas of our modern day society is in what format should I choose to read tonight? Perhaps an E-book with the ability to change the font and/or the light. Or maybe a paperback which is light and just the right size and weight to hold comfortably while sitting in the lotus position. Then again, I could go for a hardback book, sturdy and strong with a classic feel.

However, for now I may just read the Sunday newspaper, after all, its going to be a long night in the northern hemisphere.

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Talk of the Town

Reading ‘Summer Secrets’ by Jane Green for some rest and recuperation

As my journey towards the publication of my debut novel ‘Alice’ gathers speed, I decided to slow down my pace a little by retreating to our place of sanctuary, so on Saturday morning my husband and I made our way to our cottage on the water.

Of course, being mid-January, the boat was not very warm and welcoming. I immediately set the fire in the wood burning stove and within minutes the boat was filled with a warm cosy glow.

Time to put my feetK.L Loveley on her narrowboat up you ask?  Those who know me well, will not be surprised to hear that after less than an hour I was as ambitious as ever to put in place further marketing ideas to enhance the interest in my debut novel.

While my husband busied himself with a little boat maintenance, I drafted a letter to the editor of our Marina newsletter, outlining the details of Alice and how it may be of interest to the many fellow boaters on our Marina, especially as the story has a thread running through it related to the British waterways.

Happy with myself that I had been a little proactive towards my journey of writer to published author, I curled up on a comfy chair beside the fire and began reading ‘Summer Secrets’ written by bestselling Jane Green.  That’s me sorted for a few hours, for once I start reading a good book, I can get totally lost in the world of the story. Although I might have to stop reading occasionally to put a log on the fire.

Have you read ‘Summer Secrets’ by Jane Green, what do you think about it?