Happy Birthday to our wonderful NHS.

Happy birthday to our wonderful NHS.



For those of you who have read my previous blogs and interviews, you will no doubt be aware, that I have been singing the praises of our NHS for a very long time.

Of course, I am a little biased in my praises as I was employed by this amazing institution for forty-six years. Having worked in a variety of roles from being front-line in the accident and emergency department, operating theatre and Intensive care to my later years in primary care.


May I take this opportunity to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to Mr Aneurin Bevan, who established our Welfare state seventy years ago on July 5th.



It is a privilege to live in our country, where we have twenty-four-hour access; day in, day out free healthcare from cradle to grave. Regardless of our status this amazing institution lovingly cares for our health and wellbeing.

Up and down our country, we are celebrating this birthday in a number of different ways. For my part, I would like to share with you, a little of my own experience.


I began my nursing career in 1972, by which time the NHS had been an established and a well-loved institution for twenty-four years. As I approached my eighteenth birthday, my excitement at finally becoming of age to apply for a training position was mounting by the day. When I eventually put on my nurse uniform and cap, I could not have been more proud. Those were the days of frilly caps and cuffs for the qualified staff. However, learning to make up my stiff, plain fabric hat, secured with a white double button and gripped in place with white hair grips, was akin to learning origami.

Here I am with a fellow student nurse outside of Ward Three Female Medical, Kilton Hill Hospital Worksop. Circa 1972.

As a writer, I have many of my memories and special times that I encountered in my long career, written down succinctly in my journal. One day, in the not too distant future, I plan to write a book about these experiences. Watch this space for the emergence of a Nurse with a very amusing name.