Afternoon tea anyone?

A warm welcome back to my followers and a huge hello and welcome if you are new to this blog. We have certainly been experiencing a very different way of life since Covid-19 became a familiar word to most of us. Even my three-year-old granddaughter has begun to draw pictures of the virus with its space-like features. Her favourite question of late is, ‘Nana when the world is not sick, can we go swimming?’

For those of you who read my February Blog post, you will be aware of our rapid escape from China when the outbreak began, bringing our daughter and family with us. Fortunately for me, they have been living with us throughout lockdown, making for a very lively household.

I have taught them baking, sewing, knitting gardening and the art of tidying their own space, while their parents have worked from home and provided home-schooling.

Afternoon tea anyone?



However, I have managed to squeeze in a little creative time for myself, linked to my favourite pass time of reading and writing.

So today I share with you a picture of my DIY project. A bookcase of course and a small children’s chair. Both previously pine and now chalk paint white.

I must admit to feeling proud and even more so when the first books I put on the shelf were my own published works. When I first purchased the bookcase thirty-five years ago, it was but a dream that one day I would have a book published and now I have three with another on the way.