Welcome to the Autumn.

Welcome to the Autumn months known as The Fall in the United States. Personally, I love this time of year, particularly early autumn when the leaves are gradually turning into the most dazzling shades of red. orange and yellow.

The autumn equinox that took place on 22nd September was the turning point in the seasons when the long nights of winter begin. It is a season rich in folklore and celebrations inspired by nature. It is the season of hedgerow fruits and nuts. I clearly remember the fun I had as a child under the horse chestnut tree searching for the perfect conker while trying to avoid the spikey thorns of the fruit that contained this shiny mahogany-colored nut.

Country markets selling seasonal produce, craft wear, and artisan products are well worth a visit at this time of year and a good way of getting out in the fresh air. I recently enjoyed the pleasure of spending a weekend at one such market. The Newark Literary festival which originally should have taken place in the summer months was rescheduled for the last weekend in September and stood alongside the country market.  I thoroughly enjoyed my two days at Newark marketplace in Nottinghamshire meeting other authors and promoting my books.












Newark is a quaint market town on the River Trent in Nottinghamshire. Famous for historic connections with Oliver Cromwell and the civil war. A fascinating point in our history.

One of the many interesting authors I met at the literary market was Mark Turnbull, who was suitably dressed in his civil war costume to promote his book Allegiance of blood. A fascinating fictional story set during the civil war.

The protagonist Sir Francis Berkeley faces many trials during the civil war and his allegiance to King Charles 1. If you are interested in historic novels then check out his Facebook page where he sells his book. Facebook.com/markturnbullauthor.

Although I did not dress in costume like Mark, I did dress my market stall to compliment the theme of a country market. To my surprise, I won an award for the best-dressed stall on the market.



















Now I really must work harder at trying to win an award for one of my fictional books or my collection of poetry which now stands pride of place on a bookcase that I renovated during the lockdown. I live in hope!  Take care everyone.