A steep learning curve

A steep learning curve my friends is what I and every new or potential author have to navigate in the world of publishing. Not that I’m complaining you understand. No, I am just reminiscing the time before my debut novel Alice was published, and in reality, how little I knew of this complicated and competitive world.

By the time I published my second book ‘Love, Secrets and Absolution, I was less naïve although still a long way from keeping up with the fundamental aspects of publishing. A world that has changed significantly in the past few years as traditional publishers are now competing with indie publishing.

With bookstores closing down it can be difficult to physically market books. The digital world and social platforms are accessible to everyone and although at the beginning of my journey from writer to author this was new to me, I soon realized the value of advertising my books this way.

That does not deter me from valuing the many published articles in magazines, journals, and the press. I value these very much and always navigate to the book club pages and the book review articles.

Since the publication of my debut novel, I have had the pleasure of writing for The Mansfield and Ashfield News Journal a local monthly edition that is distributed locally and available digitally.

This month for the first time, my article titled ‘Mansfield Bookshelf is featured in another journal,’ The Newark and Ashfield’ News journal. This gives me the opportunity to promote both local and well-known authors.

Please take a peep at the link below.