Book Review. The Testaments. Written by Margaret Attwood.

The Testaments written by Margaret Attwood.

I was late to the parade with the Handmaids tale which I confess I did not read, instead, I watched the emotional and gripping drama on Netflix, becoming almost addicted to the series.

Desperate to know what became of Offred, her daughter, and husband I ordered The Testaments from my local library and was thrilled to be presented with my copy one day before lockdown.

I anticipated long days when I would curl up and devour this award-winning novel.

Oh, how disappointed I was. To be honest, I struggled at times, constantly searching the narrative to take me back to the Handmaids Tale.

For the most part the narrative was from three women Agnes, Nicole, and Aunt Lydia. The only narrative I found interest in was Aunt Lydia. To discover the grassroots of her journey to Gilead was what made this book worth reading.

Reading about the impending downfall of Gilead was somewhat satisfying and at times Margaret Attwood’s prose was equal to her writing in The Handmaids tale.

As an author myself, I know how hard it is to write a successful sequel, so it must be difficult to follow on from such an amazing introduction to the world of Gilead.