The Other People.

Book Review.  The other people by C. J. Tudor.

My attention was first drawn to this author when I learned that she lives in Nottinghamshire like myself. At the time, I was researching local authors to write an article in the monthly column I write for The Mansfield And Ashfield News Journal, titled Mansfield Bookshelf.

In the 2019 spring edition, I featured The Chalk Man and, in the Autumn edition, I featured The Taking of Annie Thorne. Both of these are five-star reads of the highest quality.

This brings me to my review of the third book written by C.J.Tudor

I was unable to put this down. Cliché I know, but the truth no less. I devoured this book over two afternoons, completing it in the early hours of the morning with gritty tired eyes.

This is a story of grief, loss, hope, and intrigue. I love the fact that the main character Gabe is determined to find his daughter, no matter what he has to suffer in his quest for the truth.

There is a lot going on in this story, each character is well developed and integral to the outcome of this intense story which kept me tense and on edge throughout. There was never a point, where the writing did not grab my attention.

Here is a taster from the blurb.

Driving home one night, Gabe sees the face of a little girl he knows in the rear of the car in front. She mouths – ‘Daddy’. He never sees his five – year old daughter again.

The police believe she’s dead. But three years later, Gabe still drives the roads, searching for the car that took Izzy.

Intriguing! Yes, I think so too.