The Little Bookshop of Love Stories

Written by Jaimie Admans.

Take a good look at the title. How can any book-lover resist? I for one could not possibly pass by this or even just give it a second glance. Everything about the title screams ‘buy me, buy me now.’

However, my friends, it is now confession time. This was one of three books that my like-minded daughter Anna-Lisa gave me as part of my Xmas gift this year. The year of the lockdown, World war three brought about by microscopic organisms we cannot reason with.

Such a perfect time to lose oneself in a beautiful fantasy world of a country village with a bookshop filled with fascinating second-hand books that contain heartfelt messages.

The village in question has the delightful name of Buntingorden and just to get my imagination firing on all four cylinders, it is in The Cotswolds: a picturesque English location that conjures up everything quaint and perfect about my favorite country in the whole world.

In my mind’s eye, I see a village with colourful bunting gently swaying in the summer breeze, a quaint bookshop, which of course I would find hard to resist and wait for this. The most perfect name for this bookshop ‘Once-Upon-A-Page.

Oh! This is the stuff that my dreams are made of. Owning such a bookshop and winning it in a raffle gets my heart racing that little bit faster.

This is exactly what happened to the protagonist Hallie in this well-crafted magical story. Though as with all good story-lines, everything is not rosy in the garden. For one thing, the shop is in financial difficulties and the sharks are at the door. This particular shark is called Drake who we later discover is not just a shark, but has a little more significance in the story. (No spoilers.)

I will come to the love stories in a moment, for now, can I say that the author has created the most delightful man I have ever met on a page. Simply my perfect guy. Kind, bookish, talented, and simply gorgeous, Dimitri is the perfect match for me, whoops I mean Hallie.

When they find hidden messages of love inside some old books, they begin to investigate and discover some very intriguing information.

If you are a romantic and a lover of books, then this is one I recommend.