Is it really four years since my debut novel ‘Alice’ was published?

Is it really four years since my debut novel ‘Alice’ was published?

How time flies by when life happens at a very fast pace. Not that I am complaining. No! quite the opposite in fact. Since January 2017 when my long-awaited dream of becoming an author was realized, I have evolved from being a wife, mother and nurse into the role of an author and no one is more surprised than me.

Of course, I am still a wife and mother, but more often than not I am a doting grandma to four amazing young grandchildren who are growing up in a very different world than I grew up in.

They are so full of surprises and fill me with pride. All of them understand what a virus is now and can draw or scribble an example of what the coronavirus looks like.

My eldest grandson age eight is so much better than me with his IT skills and has even produced a short video to advertise my third novel ‘Union Blues’. (see below)



I actually completed this two years ago, but those of you familiar with the process of publication will understand that is only the beginning.

I have returned to ‘Austin Macauley’ the publisher of my debut novel to publish and market this exciting story about how life is sometimes not easy and how others may think you have a perfect life but behind the scenes, it is quite another tale.

This is the third in my social voice series. In the first novel ‘Alice’, I tackled the subject of Alcohol. In light of Covid, this is becoming an increasing problem. Recent research suggests that one in four adults in the UK admit to drinking more in lockdown and one in ten furloughed workers are drinking in secret. Worrying statistics but even worse is that provisional data from January to September 2020 show 5,460 deaths in the UK were alcohol-related. Shocking and upsetting in equal measure,

Love, Secrets, and Absolution my second novel, raises awareness of a different kind. Mental health has been very much in the news this last few years and has been of great concern to the NHS and the government. While this story is fundamentally about mental health, it also tackles undiagnosed autism.

Union Blues my third novel raises a different kind of issue. Watch this space to discover the publication date and to read the synopsis, which I hope will intrigue you into purchasing a pre-order copy.

Happy reading.