Author Q&A

Question and answer session with author K.L Loveley

Q. When did you decide to become an author K.L Loveley?Author K.L Loveley typing at her laptop

I think that I always wanted to be a writer. Writing compositions at primary school and later essay writing, gave me great pleasure and fed my creativity.

I have kept a diary and later a journal, since I was seven years old. However, it wasn’t until my late fifties when I began working part time as a Practice Nurse, that I actually began writing a novel. Prior to writing Alice I had written a series of children’s stories and a number of poems.

In hindsight I guess because I was always studying for one diploma or another to enhance my nursing career and later a Biological science degree with the Open University, there was never time to write for enjoyment.

Q. Do you have a special time/place to write?

My special place is our narrowboat,  although when I am overflowing with ideas I can write quite easily at my desk in our home office. The time is when I get the urge to write which can be variable.

Q. Where do your ideas come from?

A. I’m not quite sure, although my mind is overflowing with thoughts and ideas. I might hear a conversation on a train for example or observe an unusual character. I guess it is part of life, people watching, and observing situations. Hearing and reading other people’s stories. I’ve learned to go with the creative flow. While writing ‘Alice‘, I became her, how would she feel, how would she react?

Q. What are your ambitions for a writing career?

To be able to keep on writing, interesting and thought provoking gritty novels. I have recently completed my second novel, ‘Absolution for Alfie’ – watch this space!

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