Alice Blog Tour – April 2017 – Summary

The Alice – April 2017 blog tour has ended, and I am very grateful to all the book bloggers who took the time to read my novel ‘Alice’, review it and host me on their websites. The blog tour was organised by Emma Mitchell, further details about her services can be found on her website.

Here is a list of all the book bloggers who participated, and links to their blog posts:

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The Stationery Geekette

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Kristin’s Novel Café

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My Reading Corner

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Alice Blog Tour ~ Day 9, 10 & 11 ~ Roundup

Blog tour day 9: Tuesday 25th April

Thank you to Karen at My Reading Corner blog who hosted my guest post about my road to publication, including this Q&A

Q. What do you do the night before?

On the eve of the publication date of my debut novel ‘Alice’, I was working the late clinic in the GP Surgery where I am a Practice Nurse. It had been a very long day, so upon arriving home, I spent a cosy, relaxing evening with my husband. I also kept checking in with my Marketing Manager, who was hard at work promoting me across social media. During the evening, I received lots of well wishes from family and friends.

Thank you also to Kirsty at Novel Deelights who read and reviewed my novel Alice, here is a quote from her book review.

Raw and highly believable!


Blog tour day 10: Wednesday 26th April

Thank you to Nicola at Short Book and Scribes for hosting me on her blog, and for featuring an author Q&A including the question below.

Q. Who would be at your dream dinner party (alive, dead or fictional)?

My late father so I could enjoy one more meal with him. Also my mum so that she could enjoy the same pleasure. My husband and Winston Churchill for I would enjoy listening to their conversation. Billy Connolly and Oscar Wilde for their wit and exuberance. Jane Austin and Charlotte Bronte, so that I can pick their brains in a literary sense of course.

Blog tour day 11: Thursday 27th April

Thank you to  Jen Med’s Book Reviews for hosting my ‘Road to publication’ (part 2) including, the question below:

Q. How long did it take from them to get it out to the public?

In November 2015 I was offered a contract and the book was published on 31st January 2017.


Blog Tour – Next hosts

Friday 28th ~ Truly Madly Cuckoo

Saturday 29th ~ Ali – The Dragon Slayer

Sunday 30th ~ Mrs Bloggs’ Books

Is it possible to have a good work / life balance?

I hope that you have all enjoyed a nice Easter break and are feeling refreshed and full of renewed energy. Have you all managed to successfully get the right work / life balance lately?

Alice by K.L LoveleyI have spent a few days on our delightful narrow boat, a time not only of rest and rehabilitation for my husband and I, but also a time of reflection. It was during my time of reflection, that I began to think of the character Alice, the main protagonist in my debut novel of the same name. I guess like a lot of women, she struggled to get the right work / life balance. It seems to me that she was attending to everyone else’s needs and neglecting her own.

Was she a martyr or displaying evidence of selflessness? The first adjective describes someone who suffers persecution and death for their religious or other beliefs, and yet in the modern world we use this to describe someone who tries to get sympathy from others and is often used quite loosely.

On the other hand, selflessness describes someone who has little concern for themselves, especially with regard to fame, position or fortune. I guess that Alice could be described as being unselfish at times, but is this so bad. The Dalai Lama XIV, once quoted,

Our prime purpose in life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”   The Dalai Lama XIV

Wise words indeed!

Perhaps Alice like many women felt this way, maybe fundamentally she felt that her prime purpose was to help her own and her extended family, without a care for herself, however, there was a price to pay, the hurt was not to others but to herself.

One would think that a loving husband would know his spouse like no one else, which suggests that he would be quick to recognise a change in his wife when she started deliberately sacrificing her own wants and needs to make sure that the needs of others are met. Robin, the husband of Alice appeared to understand that his wife was struggling, but seemed unable to make any positive changes that would help to alleviate her struggles.

A healthy relationship helps to increase confidence and with the confidence comes the ability to share emotions, both positive and negative feelings can be explored together. Therefore, both Robin and Alice lacked this skill of being able to truly communicate their feelings.
It could be argued that they both lacked the courage to address the fear of where they were heading, in terms of their relationship. However, one of the main misconceptions about courage is that it is linked to fearlessness. Fear itself can be central to change, so realising that it is okay to be afraid can be the first step towards making a decision towards a positive outcome.

work / life balance ~ fear ~ K.L Loveley

So to all of you who have read or are planning to read my novel ‘ Alice’, observe how her life spiralled out of control. Think about your own work / life balance, remember that positive connective relationships help to increase confidence. Sleep well, eat healthy, remain active, but above all else, let go of self-doubt, guilt and negativity.

Above all else, love and be happy. x

self-care for women by K.L Loveley


Alice blog tour – April 2017

The Alice blog tour will commence on the 17th April, and it will be a two-week long tour. The tour will include book reviews of my debut novel Alice, excerpts, author Q&A, along with other unique content.

What is a blog tour?

A blog tour has similarities  to a traditional book tour, however, instead of the author going from bookstore to bookstore, the author appears on a different blog every day. Bloggers add unique content about the author and her book to their website, and readers are encouraged to visit every blog during the duration of the tour and interact (leave comments) on the various blog posts.

Alice blog tour – April 2017

Alice Blog Tour

Alice blog tour hosts

Monday 17th ~ Bits About Books & Bookalicious Travel Addict

Tuesday 18th ~ Swirl and Thread

Wednesday 19th ~ The Stationery Geekette & Bliss She Wrote

Thursday 20th ~ Kristin’s Novel Café

Friday 21st ~ Cats and Contours

Saturday 22nd ~ By the Letter Book Reviews

Sunday 23rd ~ Chat About Books

Monday 24th ~ Feminisia Libros Reviews

Tuesday 25th ~ My Reading Corner & Novel Deelights

Wednesday 26th ~ Short Book and Scribes

Thursday 27th ~ Jen Med’s Book Reviews

Friday 28th ~ Truly Madly Cuckoo

Saturday 29th ~ Ali – The Dragon Slayer

Sunday 30th ~ Mrs Bloggs’ Books

Readers blog tour participation

If you would like to participate in the blog tour, then during the tour please visit my blog or social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn) every day as I will be providing the website links to the blog tour stops.

Blog tour giveaway

There will be a special Alice blog tour giveaway prize draw / competition during the tour, where you can win a personalised signed copy of my debut novel.

Alice by K.L loveley

‘Alice’ is available from:

Amazon and Waterstones and other leading book stores!

‘Alice’ book launch celebration

The ‘Alice’ book launch celebration was held on Saturday 25th February 2017…'Alice' book launch - pile of books

With the exception of celebrity writers, I imagine many authors feel uncomfortable performing in front of crowds, especially as writing can be a solitary pursuit. Perhaps, public appearances, no matter their size, may be challenging to many authors. With this thought in my mind, I was undecided whether or not to hold a book launch event.

However, as the day approached, I began to read stories of other author’s experiences and realized that I could not let such a special occasion go by, without marking the day in my own unique special way.

I was very fortunate to hold my book launch in ‘The Faff Room’, Burnaby House, Mansfield Woodhouse and my thanks go to Amanda Holt for making this possible. In many ways it was appropriate for me to use this location as a setting for the launch, due to the historical fact that when I was a small girl, this building was my Doctors surgery and considering ‘Alice’ charts the decline of a member of the health care profession it helps to reinforce the books content.

Having set up the room with bunting, lights, and strategically stacked copies of my debut novel ‘Alice’, I began to feel less nervous about meeting the public as a first-time author. The refreshments were out and the tea room was ready.

Exactly on cue, at 2pm, my first guests arrived! They had travelled a fair distance by train and I felt humbled to greet them having made such an effort. So thank you to my guests who travelled some distance to attend the event.

Alice book launch - book signing 1

Alice book launch - book signing 2

Hot on the heels of these guests, arrived my school friend Janet and her husband Dereck, bearing a beautiful flower decoration and congratulations card. It was lovely to see a familiar face. Thank you both so much.

Alice book launch - book signing 3

In a flurry of good will and excitement my girlfriends, Karen, Kim, Chris and Elaine arrived with the most amazing display of flowers and cards. Thank you girls, you are super stars.

Alice book launch - book signing 4

Alice book launch - book signing 5

Alice book launch - book signing 6

The room began to fill with lots of family and friends and sat amongst them all like a proud mother hen, was my eighty eight year old mum, beaming with joy.

Alice book launch - book signing 6

My husband mingled with guests, and conversed about his supporting role throughout my journey from writer to published author.  My daughter introduced me to the crowd and there was no stopping me. Although not accustomed to public speaking I found the words came naturally to me, for I was speaking from the heart, especially when I offered appreciation for the support that everyone was giving me.

Alice book launch - book signing 6

I had the opportunity to read excerpts from my novel ‘Alice’ to bring the characters alive. I also had the opportunity to speak individually to my guests which I rather enjoyed. A number of hardback and paperback copies were sold,  each one signed with a personal message.

Alice book launch - book signing 6

My talented nephew, David Oliver has his own photography business, so throughout the event he was taking publicity shots which are featured on this blog post.

And so my dear friends, my ‘Alice’ book launch celebration was a personal success, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the day special.


Alice, review by author & campaigner Pippa Kelly

Book Review

The author, and campaigner Pippa Kelly has kindly read and reviewed my debut novel ‘Alice, here is what she says about it:

How does an intelligent, sunny-natured nurse, with a husband she loves and a wonderful daughter find her life spiralling out of control and into the gutter? What does it take to push a well-balanced woman over the edge and into the grips of alcoholism?

K. L Loveley’s exciting debut novel Alice explores these thorny questions. Using her own medical background as a nurse to inform Alice’s descent into addiction, the author cleverly combines a fast-moving plot with an acutely observed account of a life in flux and peril.

Alice’s husband loves her but fails to stand up to his grown-up children. Initially tolerating his weakness, Alice is finally spurred into action when her own daughter needs her help. Pushed beyond endurance, Alice moves out of her home.

Loveley reveals how easy it is, when faced with domestic problems, to lose one’s perspective, dignity and health. Without the kindness of a stranger who understands what Alice is going through, this gritty domestic drama could have had a far darker ending. As it is, the conclusion brings hope.

Alice is a racy, compelling read. I picked up the book and didn’t put it down till I’d read the last word.

This review by Pippa Kelly is  listed on the Austin Macauley Publishing website

Alice review by Pippa Kelly 600

About Pippa Kelly

Pippa Kelly writes extensively in the national press about dementia, with which her mother lived for over a decade. She blogs for the Huffington Post and, and has her own award-winning website, She lives in Wandsworth with her husband and dog, Bert.
“One of the foremost writers of the day on the elderly, social care and health, particularly dementia, it is with good reason that Pippa Kelly has been awarded top honours in this field.” – Sue Saville, former Medical Correspondent, ITV News

 ‘Alice’ is available from:

AmazonWaterstones and other leading book stores!


Red Letter Day: My novel is published

Publication date Alice by K.L LoveleyMy ‘red letter day’ has arrived, Tuesday January 31st, the official publication date of my debut novel ‘Alice’. This is an extremely significant day for me and I will enjoy every moment.

My love of writing began with a gift of a five year lock up diary at age seven, and I have never stopped writing since. I have spent a lifetime making notes in my journals, composing poetry and more recently writing novels. My journey from writer to author has been enjoyable and it has now reached a significant milestone – the official release of my first published novel!

Whilst this event will not be historically important to others, this is and always will be a special day for me and my family. So, let us celebrate together my friends, life is full of joyous moments.

My debut novel ‘Alice’ is now available to purchase at:

Amazon and Waterstones and other leading book stores!



I finally have the pleasure of holding my own book in my hands

The doorbell rings and I’m off the starting blocks. Alice by K.L LoveleyAfter many months of hard work, I finally have the pleasure of holding my own book in my hands. The familiar smell of the hard back book, the printers ink and the glossy cover, all add to the excitement.

My publisher Austin Macauley, as promised, have sent me ten hard back copies of ‘Alice’. The absolute joy of it all makes this a day to remember, a debut occurs only the once, this my friends is my moment.

If you want to be one of the first people to receive a copy of my debut novel Alice, then: 

Pre-order ‘Alice’ at Amazon or Waterstones today!

I am excited at the prospect of actually seeing and holding my first published novel!

Alice by K.L LoveleyI would like to share with you all, how excited I am at the prospect of actually seeing and holding my first published novel.

My publishing company, Austin Macauley have informed me, that today, yes today my friends I can expect a delivery of my debut novel Alice in hard back.

Now I eagerly await the sound of my front door bell ringing. I’m on the starting blocks ready.

If you want to be one of the first people to receive a copy of my debut novel Alice, then: 

Pre-order ‘Alice’ at Amazon or Waterstones today!